The realm of Eire is a land of a variety of different peoples and thus it is also one of a variety of different languages and dialects. These dialects vary from region to region and the languages vary greatly from kingdom to kingdom. Though the differences in languages that exist are very clear, they all come from one "mother-tongue" called Wyrthe or the "Wyrthian Tongue".


Wyrthe meaning first, often referred to as the "Mother-tongue" or the Wyrthian Tongue is the first language of sentient being and the root of all languages, oral and otherwise, that exist in the realm of Eire.


Wyrthe consists of six vowels that make up the majority of all sylabells in Wyrthian words. These six vowels are as follows:

Vowel symbols and their pronunciations
Vowel Long Short
A Hay Apple
TH Thee The
E Steel Heckle
Sza Czar Say
V Vyr Vee


Excluding vowels, Wyrthe has a total of 30 different phonetics consonants and countless runes used to describe objects, concepts, individual names, etc...

Roots in AntetongueEdit

Some argue that Wyrthe cannot be called the first language considering its similarities to the Antetongue while others hold that the Antetongue is less of a language and more of a tool that existed before the concept of language.

Wyrthe is actually a neutral dialect ofthe Antetongue that holds no arcane power.

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The Wyrthian StelaeEdit

Stands in the courtyard of the Fethian Arcanium

  • Large stone slab (70' tall, 10' diameter)
  • Arcanium built around the stone
  • Stone one of the fonts
  • Holds all runes and words in Wyrthe on it
  • Excluding "Silver" See Capstone of Farheim
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Aquarion (extreme dialect of Marunian Tongue)

Krsctha Edit






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